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Crimsafe Products Guarantee Home Security. CRIMSAFE. The strongest security screens in the market. "Window Screens on STEROIDS." Utilize Three Locks for Maximum Security 808-374-5433

Updated: Jan 19

With Crimsafe security screens homeowners can upgrade their homes with extra safety features that look stylish and natural. Crimsafe window screens are subtle and will not change a home's look or style compared to burglar bars, at the same time they provide protection that is second to none - capable of withstanding attempts at forced entries, even shrugging off swings from baseball bats. At HoloHolo Screens OAHU we offer Crimsafe security screen and door installation services for homes in Kapolei, Honolulu and across Oahu.

Window Screens That Keep Bugs and Burglars Out

At Holoholo Screens we offer Crimsafe security screen and door installation services for homes in Kapolei, Honolulu and across Oahu. . Holoholo Screens provides these services across Oahu. Serving Honolulu, Waimānalo, Kailua, Aiea, Pearl City, Waianae, Kaneohe, Haleiwa in Oahu, Hawaii. Call: 808-374-5433 | Photo Credit: Crimsafe
At Holoholo Screens we offer Crimsafe security screen and door installation services for homes in Kapolei, Honolulu and across Oahu. Call: 808-374-5433 | Photo Credit: Crimsafe

Ordinarily when people visualize window screens, they think these features are for letting fresh air in while protecting the home from bugs, not burglars. Crimsafe takes this up a notch by having sturdy screens that are rated to block forced entry attempts by burglars and even deflect debris flung by storm winds. Crimsafe screen fibers combine flexibility and durability for unparalleled protection.

Some even call the brand's products "window screens on steroids." These security screens will keep the outside out and have been tested against baseball bats and sledgehammers. The screens themselves are held in place by clamps, so they cannot be pried open by crowbars or other tools. Crimsafe screen doors also utilize three locks for maximum security.

At the same time, Crimsafe designs have all aspects of safety in mind. Should something happen inside the home such as fires or other emergencies, people inside can easily open the doors and screens due to the Safe Escape system. Even children can push the lock to get out in case of fires, earthquakes or other circumstances.

Custom Patio and Porch Screen Enclosures Experts at Holoholo Screens OAHU - The #1 Custom Porch Enclosures and Window & Door Screen Replacement Company in Honolulu. High-Quality and Affordable Screen Repair, Installation, and Restoration Services to all Residential and Commercial Customers near Waikiki, Waipahu, Ewa Beach, Aeia, Pearl City, Ala Moana, Diamond Head, Waimānalo, Kailua, Waianae, Kaneohe, Haleiwa, Maui, Big Island. Call: 808-374-5433

Our team at Holoholo Screens OAHU is here to help you create the perfect outdoor living space for your Honolulu island home.

We have been serving Oahu Homeowners, Property Managements, and Businesses SINCE 2008 with the top quality mobile screen work using the finest materials. Experience the Number #1 Window & Door Screen Replacement and Custom Patio & Porch Screen Enclosure Company.

Contact us at 808-374-5433 for a Custom Estimate


HoloHolo Screens OAHU is a small business that is family-owned located in Waipahu, Oahu that started in 2008 with the passion to provide HIGH QUALITY CUSTOM PATIO ENCLOSURES, WINDOW & SLIDING DOOR SCREEN REPLACEMENTS, SECURITY DOOR INSTALLATIONS and more.

Holoholo Screens OAHU has been in the business for 25 years offering Custom Made Patio Enclosures throughout the Island of Oahu for Homes, Businesses, Property Managements and Hotels. Every Custom Patio Enclosures are built-on-site.

Enjoy the outdoors year long with HOLOHOLO SCREENS OAHU Custom Patio Enclosures. We also offer Pet Screens for Pet Lovers and Pest Resistant Insect Screens.

Custom Patio Enclosure Company in Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii. 

Holoholo Screens High-Quality and Affordable Window and Door Screen Replacement, Repair, and Restoration Crimsafe Authorized Dealer Best Screen Replacement Solutions Company Near Honolulu, Waikiki, Waipahu, Pearl City, Kailua, Oahu, Maui, Big Island. Call 808-374-5433


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Mon - Fri: 8:30am - 5:30pm

Call us to schedule an estimate: 808-374-5433

We Offer Mobile Service: Service Minimum based on Service Area.

Reach out to HoloHolo Screens OAHU  We are Located in Waipahu, Honolulu, Oahu. Offering Custom Patio Enclosures, Security Screen Doors, Screen Window and Door Installations and Replacements.

Oahu's Mobile Window and Door Screen Replacement Professionals, also specializing in Custom Patio Enclosures.  Serving Honolulu, Waimānalo, Kailua, Aiea, Pearl City, Waianae, Kaneohe, Haleiwa and surrounding areas in Oahu, Hawaii.


OFFERING YOU THE BEST SCREEN REPLACEMENT SOLUTION for your Windows, Patio Doors, Entry Doors and

Custom Patio Enclosures

Serving all of Oahu Island


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