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Crimsafe is the last sliding door you will ever need

Custom-made to fit your existing sliding door, Crimsafe’s sliding screen doors are so strong, they are guaranteed to last.


Strength, security, and smooth operation

Crimsafe sliding doors feature a unique locking mechanism inside the door frame and three locking points secured in the outer frame channel. The sliding door panel is also secured tightly between the tracks, so your doors operate smoothly every time.



Live safe with Crimsafe

Security and storm screens

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What is Crimsafe?

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Crimsafe revolutionized home security in Australia with their innovative high-tensile stainless steel screen technology. More than 20 years later, their products are sold through distributors internationally.

The Crimsafe line of products both secure and protect your home or commercial building from intruders and extreme weather, while beautifying and enhancing it’s appearance.

Every Crimsafe window screen, door, and patio enclosure panel is architecturally designed to fit seamlessly and beautifully into place.

The unique patented Screw-Clamp™ technology, combined with 304 grade high-tensile stainless steel mesh screen, create unsurpassed safety and security. All products are installed with proprietary, tamper resistant screws which are then concealed for improved curb appeal.

At impact, the hooking feature of the patented ScrewClamp™ levers into the aluminum frame and distributes the load around the perimeter of the product, rather than allowing the force to be concentrated at the point of impact.

The mechanical fastening of the clamp to the high-tensile woven stainless steel mesh greatly reduces the tendency for the mesh to be pulled out of the frame. These features enable Crimsafe® to withstand enormous force.



Secure on the outside means you are safe on the inside.

Crimsafe products act as a physical barrier to outside elements, securing your home from unwanted intruders, forces of nature and pests.

  • 24/7 security from intruders.

  • Security from damaging forces of Mother Nature, such as hurricanes, hail, flying debris and excessive heat.

  • External barrier from unwanted pests like mosquitoes, scorpions, and wildlife.


Protect your loved ones and assets on the inside

Unlike electronic security systems with an on/off switch, Crimsafe permanently provides 24/7 security, protecting what is important to you on the inside of your home.

In an emergency situation, Crimsafe provides a safe keyless means of escape that is easily operated in a panic situation; while still maintaining its integrity from the outside.

  • Permanent protection for your loved ones and valuables.

  • Patented Safe-S-Cape® provide worry free protection.


Beautiful and energy efficient

Crimsafe enhances any home with its architectural design and integration. All Crimsafe products come in a variety of colors to match any application.

Once installed, Crimsafe screens will virtually disappear, allowing an unobstructed view while enhancing curb appeal.

  • Peace of mind – Crimsafe allows you to leave your windows open 24/7 while remaining safe and secure.

  • Hidden fasteners allow for no visible attach points and seamless integration.


All products feature

  • Patented Screw-Clamp™ fastening system

  • Proprietary tamper resistant screws

  • Custom built to fit any opening

  • Ventilates without compromising safety

  • 53 % solar heat gain reduction

  • Concealed fasteners

  • Enhanced aesthetics

  • Uncompromised visibility and clear views

  • Meets American and Australian Standards

  • Multiple frame colors available

  • 1O year warranty

  • Specialty shapes, including trapezoids and arches

  • Fire attenuating features

  • Hurricane code approved to Miami Dade, FBC, HVHZ, TDI

  • Knife shear tested

  • Energy savings

Keep your family safe inside.

Keep unwanted visitors outside.

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