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Tips for Baby-Proofing your Home

Tips for Baby-Proofing your Home HoloHolo Screens Honolulu Window and Door Screen Replacem

Bringing home a newborn is an exciting time. Whether you are a new parent or you have gone through this experience before, you will want to ensure that you are bringing the child into a safe home. 

That’s where babyproofing comes in. By taking a few precautionary steps, you can help your baby grow and develop in an environment that is safe and stimulating.

Tips for Baby-Proofing your Home HoloHolo Screens Honolulu Window and Door Screen Replacem

Seal Electrical Outlets

Babies have a habit of being curious, and around the 15-month mark, they also begin to start a habit by putting their fingers into places such as electrical outlets which are highly dangerous for their age. 

It is recommended that every electrical outlet is outfitted with a tight-fitting cover that babies will not be able to remove when you are baby-proofing your home.

Don’t forget to take measures to secure outlets that are in use as well. Electrical cords naturally draw curious kids, so ensure that they are properly covered or secured to prevent babies from pulling out the plugs and exposing the outlets.

Be Aware of Water

The water that we use every day may not cross our minds as a danger, but to a baby, even just a small amount can be dangerous. Remember that just two inches of water can pose a risk. This means that any forms of water such as in the bathtubs, toilets, and even buckets can be fatal for infants. While just closing or locking doors to bathrooms can be effective, you run the risk of forgetting to close it after use. 

Your best bet when babyproofing your bathroom Investing in a toilet lock is your best bet when babyproofing your bathroom on top of closing the its door.

Babies naturally want to explore things around them and you should be aware of where you set hot liquids like coffee, tea, and cookware since standing water isn’t the only water you should be cautious of.  Water that is too hot could scald the skin, while water that is too cold could compromise their immune system as babies aren’t able to regulate their body temperature yet. 

Take a moment to adjust the temperature on your water heater to 120 degrees as a safety precaution and remember to always close bathroom doors and keep an eye on your bundle of joy.

Section-Off Unsafe Areas

This goes without saying, but you want to keep your baby out of areas where they shouldn’t be. To do this, it can be helpful to block off any areas that you might think are unsafe or even just to keep them from wandering off without supervision.

While you won’t have to worry about blocking these areas off right away for newborns, when they start to explore on their own around six months is when you should start babyproofing to limit their exploring. Hallways and staircases can be especially dangerous, so be sure to block these areas off with baby gates.

Keep Dangerous Products Out of Reach

There are several everyday products that we use that could pose a risk to babies if they are ingested or inhaled. Dangerous products can range from anything from cutlery to laundry products and anything in between. Staying educated on what these dangerous products are is one part of babyproofing your home, while the other part is keeping these products out of your child’s reach.

Secure all freestanding dressers, bookcases, cabinets, and tippable furniture to the wall. Furniture can become top-heavy and tip. Once mobile, these objects look like a jungle gym to kids.

Tips for Baby-Proofing your Home HoloHolo Screens Honolulu Window and Door Screen Replacem
Tips for Baby-Proofing your Home HoloHolo Screens Honolulu Window and Door Screen Replacem

Secure Doors and Windows

As kids begin to crawl and gain strength, they will wander and start pulling themselves up and onto new places. Windows can be especially dangerous to young children as they pose a risk of accidents by falling. When securing windows, make sure that they stay locked at all times and there is no furniture nearby that they can use to climb up on. 

If you have drapes or shutters with cords, ensure that they are put out of reach or consider switching to a cordless option to help keep kids safe.

Like windows, you will want to ensure that your doors are also secure. When it comes to your interior doors, either make sure that they are locked or use doorknob covers to prevent kids from wandering to places they shouldn’t be. As they begin to get more curious and exploratory you will also want to ensure that they can’t make their way outside, that’s where Crimsafe comes in!

Crimsafe Security Screens not only stop intruders from coming into your home, but they can also be effective at keeping your bundle of joy from sneaking out of doors and windows. Both window and door security screens are made to measure and provide a custom fit so you can guarantee they will withstand the strength of a curious baby.

Whether you’re babyproofing or intruder proofing, Crimsafe will help keep everything that matters most to you safe. Contact one of our dealers today and discover the difference that a Crimsafe Security Screen can make for your home.

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