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Window Safety Tips for Families

Window Safety Tips for Families HoloHolo Screens Honolulu Window and Door Screen Replaceme

Windows are a beautiful and useful feature for any space. They not only let light in but can be used as a way to see what is going on outside. Every family should make it a priority to practice window safety. This helps to keep everyone in home, especially children to be safe no matter how often you use your windows.

Being careful of windows and the danger they can pose to the members of the house is the first step towards implementing window safety in your space.

Windows Safety 101

Keeping children and other members of the house safe around windows will only take a few simple preventative steps. These window safety tips will help ensure that window adds beauty and function to a home without concerning the residents of any risks.

Window Safety Tips for Families HoloHolo Screens Honolulu Window and Door Screen Replaceme
Window Safety Tips for Families HoloHolo Screens Honolulu Window and Door Screen Replaceme

Take Preventative Measures

Windows are meant to be a barrier for a home, but they are also meant to be opened and ventilate the room. Taking some preemptive window safety measures can help you enjoy your windows to the fullest.

Having a sturdy and reliable window security screen will keep the children safe from bugs and possible intruders and at the same time, can feel the breeze from the outside.

While there are options for ways to protect your windows, only a Crimsafe Security Screen will give you unparalleled security and benefits without compromising the look of your space.

Keep Windows Locked & Closed

If you aren’t using your windows and children will be around, it should be closed and locked even though you have great security screen. People with kids can tell you that children have a habit of getting into things that you might not have believed were possible. 

Taking steps in ensuring that your windows are closed, locked, and childproofed, will make it a little more difficult for any kids at home to get them open. This also helps in keeping them protected from accidents.

Only Open Windows That are Out of Reach

If a child can get into it, they probably will find a way. Thankfully, when they are younger there are a lot of places that are naturally out of their reach. When choosing which windows you open for ventilation, choose the ones that the kids in your home won’t be able to reach or pull themselves up onto. You will also want to make sure that any furniture is kept away from windows so that they can’t climb up to them and get access.

Always Provide Supervision

The best way to keep kids safe and secure is by ensuring that they are always supervised by an adult. Providing adult supervision, whether it's the parent, a trusted friend, or a babysitter, you will be able to steer the actions of a child away from situations that could cause them harm or lead to accidents. 

While an older sibling can help lend a hand in supervising when you may be busy, you will still want to check in as your judgment as an adult will often be more reliable and lead to better, safer decisions.

Unparalleled Window Safety

Window Safety Tips for Families HoloHolo Screens Honolulu Window and Door Screen Replaceme

Crimsafe Security Screens are custom built to be a perfect fit for any window. Our security screens also undergo rigorous testing to ensure they will guard your home and family against dangers outside of the home while protecting what matters on the inside. Each of our security screens is impact resistant and unable to be cut. 

This means they’ll stand up to both burglars and curious kids. Discover the difference Crimsafe can make in your home and window safety by contacting one of our dealers today!

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