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3 Tips to Secure Your Home While on Vacation

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Taking a vacation is meant to give you a break and a chance to destress from your everyday routine. You should be able to enjoy your trip without having to worry about the security of your home whether you’re on the beach or in the mountains.

To ensure that your trip away from home goes as planned, we’re sharing three of our best tips to help secure your home while on vacation.

3 Tips to Secure Your Home While on Vacation HoloHolo Screens Honolulu Window Door Screen Replacements

Lock Everything and Check it Twice

Although it may seem like the most obvious answer, it is one of the most commonly forgotten things. 

Doors and windows are often the most vulnerable entry points to a home, and typically, intruders will take advantage of an easy and convenient entrance.

Before leaving for your trip, re-check every room of your home and make sure that any entry points are securely closed and locked. 

If you have doors or windows with an additional layer of protection, such as CRIMSAFE Security Screens, ensure that those are locked as well.

Make it Look Like You're Still Home

Intruders will typically try to find targets that make it easiest for them to get in and out. Even though you are away on vacation for a day. They could assume that you might be away once they notice that your mail has built up or your car is gone. No matter how long you plan on being away on vacation, there are a few things that you can do to give the illusion that you are still at home:

  • Use Your Lights - Using timers on your lighting while away can help give the illusion someone is still there since a dark home is a typical sign that no one is home.

  • Leave a Car in the Driveway - Leaving your car or an additional vehicle behind in the driveway can be an effective way to make potential burglars think you’re home.

  • Talk to your Friends or Neighbors - We can strongly recommend to have someone close to you to check your home while you are away. The activity in your home can make it seem like there is still someone there regularly even if they only come once a day to check.

  • Takedown your Wall Calendar - If you can see your calendar from the outside, TAKE THEM DOWN because so can a potential burglar. Calendars are great for keeping your family on a schedule, but they can also be a way for someone to see if you are home or not.

Share Your Vacation Plans After Getting Back Home

We recommend waiting until you get home to post about your trip in order to keep your home and belongings secure while on vacation.

You can still share the experiences you had with your loved ones without worrying about the possibility of someone taking advantage of you being gone.

Secure Your Home by HoloHolo Screens Honolulu Window Door Screens Replacement Crimsafe

Travel Without Limits

When you feel peace of mind, you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest. At Crimsafe, our security screens are put through rigorous testing to ensure you can feel confident that your home will be secure. Each of our security screens is custom-made in order to be a perfect fit for your doors and windows so you can enjoy having a safe and secure home without sacrificing style. 

Contact HoloHolo Screens in Oahu, an Authorized Crimsafe Security Door Dealer in Hawaii today and discover how they can help prepare your home for your next vacation with a Crimsafe Security Screen!

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